10 good things January

January wasn't all doom and gloom even if it did feel that way a lot of the time! Here are 10 good things from our January.

Midge's birthday
She had a lovely day with cake at home and school, lots of gifts including a pug onesie, nail and bath bits plus books and money so she was very happy. The phone rang lots of times and there was very little room left for all her cards!

Midge's sleepover
The girls sleepover went so much better than I thought. They were all well behaved overall, they all got on for the most part and they didn't find me embarrassing by joining in with dancing and nail painting!

Both back to school okay
It sounds like a strange one but I always find relief when school starts okay after a break. Midge is never a problem, she went straight back in with no problems but sometimes the break in routine upsets A. He was fine going back and over time he's become more independent in the mornings which is fab.

Started volunteering
I now volunteer 2 mornings a week at school and am really enjoying it. I get to work in reception on Monday doing phonics and hearing some readers then Friday I change the books and hear readers again but I also float around a bit listening to their stories and playing their games.

Caught up with some family
I've had some nice weekly visits with my Gran and aunt, a long FaceTime with my sister and I had 2 good phone calls with my aunt and my grandparents in Portsmouth. Despite the sad circumstances of us getting together, catching up and seeing each other is special as we all live so far away.

Lots of happy mail!

Got the dog sorted
Peppa is all booked in for an operation to remove some lumps on her tummy. I'm grateful for good family and pretty decent vets. There was a hiccough but overall things are okay and this month she'll be lump free.

Spending time with my nieces

Plymouth Aquarium and pantomime
I had such a good time with year 1 on their school trip. They were shattered by the time we arrived back to school but every single one loved all the activities and so did the adults!

Telling Uncle M I loved him
My favourite moment was telling my late uncle I loved him and saying goodbye knowing it would be our last goodbye. I will treasure that memory and pray to never forget.

Cupcake Mumma

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