January Goals

Looking back at December's goals I didn't do too badly. I visited my Gran and Aunt several times before Christmas, we had a wonderful family Christmas and Midge and I have played with make up, painted our nails and spent time with our colouring books. 
Money wise, I paid off Little A's trip to Plymouth and there's only 1 more payment to make for Midges London trip. I tried out the money app my sister recommended and several others on my phone but they're not for me. Lastly, my personal goals. I enjoyed Christmas, I baked mince pies, raw food cake and a vegan chocolate cake for school so I definitely spent more time in my kitchen. I got up to date with my letter writing and donated a package to the food bank, plus other acts of kindness inspired by my project kindness list.

January's Goals

Plan and give Midge a fantastic 9th birthday
Celebrate Jason's birthday

Pay off Midge's school trip
Complete the first month of my new savings jar
Pay £30 extra on my first debt I'm tackling
Budget for this month and maybe draw up budgets to March

Lose weight gained over festive period
Finish the book I'm reading
Reply to all pen pals

Cupcake Mumma

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