November at The Cupcakes

Half way through December and I just remembered I haven't posted about our goings on in November. Not that it was incredibly interesting! I spent the first 2 weeks with tonsillitis and then what I suspect was maybe a tummy upset or maybe it was just the tonsillitis having one last shot at me! Once I got over my various illnesses (haha) I set about posting off invites to my Aunts party before I forgot (despite it being 3 months away..) and hung out with the children a fair bit as it would turn out.

  • Little A finally got his long awaited Star of the Day award from his teacher
  • The town started decorating for Christmas and they popped Santa out on his bench which Little A and I couldn't resist seeing
  • I had some lovely happy mail over November. One favourite was the invite to my cousin's wedding next July
  • I visited my Aunt and Gran a couple of times
  • Had a fright with Little A at the doctors when he said he had pains in his side (nothing was wrong in the end)
  • I treated myself to some new pink wellies

Poorly me living off milkshake//Party invites//My star of the day!//Me and Santa// Roo and Santa//Wedding invite//train to Penzance//Non poorly Roo at the doctors//New pink wellies

  • Midge and I spent some time together which included making big, wonderful hot chocolates
  • Pops turned another year older. We had a lovely day and came back quite late from his house after roast and board games which included a very dodgy Scrabble
  • I treated the children to a Wetherspoons dinner (and I wonder why I have no money!?)
  • We walked around town after dinner the same night to admire the lights. The church had put on a lovely display
  • Both little ones wrote their letters to Santa this month

Midge with a monster hot chocolate// Pop on his birthday//Scrabble//Meal out with the little ones//A eating his pudding//Church lights//Letters to Santa

  • I made a great start on stocking fillers from Poundland
  • Enjoyed several Costa's with my friends as well as with my Mum where we tried out the Christmas cakes they're selling
  • We decorated the house and it looks very cosy now with the decorations and the trees all up
  • I made up a small gift bag for my Aunt and took with me on one of my visits. She loved the surprise
  • We got our Christmas jumpers out! This year they were given to us because we didn't have the money to buy new ones which was very kind
  • I baked my first vegan cake and it was lovely
  • We watched the official light switch on in town all together and Mr B bought some chips for us all to share. It was very cold but there was a nice atmosphere and we loved the tree the best. 

A Poundland pile//Costa and cake//Warm fire//Gifts for Fiona//Gifts for me//Midge in her jumper//Vegan chocolate cake//Siblings//Midge by the town tree

Such a good month despite the illness. I felt so rotten and it felt like it would last forever I'm just glad I got better in time for the things we spent time doing together. Here's to December!

Cupcake Mumma

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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Illness aside, November sounds like it was a good month. Glad to hear that Little A was ok. The Christmas lights switch on looks like it was magical. Hope you have a lovely Christmas :-)