November Goals

Another month, another monthly goals post. I enjoyed looking back every now and then at my October post to see how I was getting on. Lets see...

To lose weight (no number just to have lost weight) - I lost a few pounds, 4lbs and okay, most people lose 2-3 a week but I am on a lifestyle change, breaking bad habits etc so I'm still pleased :) 
To enjoy our night away at the end of October in a hotel but to not waste any money-  We had such a great time together. The room was lovely, Plymouth was wonderful to spend time in and we really didn't waste any money at all.
Sort out change of address and the energy suppliers- Dull!  Very dull but very simple to sort, wish Mr B would change his too though!
To have caught up on my snail mail- I believe I have caught up! I have a new pile now though!.
To celebrate my birthday- My birthday was spent in Costa, with family, seeing a friend, having some lovely gifts, lots of cards and lovely cake made by mum. I also had a lovely tea cooked for me by Mr B.

To sort my finances again- Well they are sorted but looking a bit sad this time of year!

For the children to have at least 4 Christmas presents each put back- They are done! I have bought 7 each including their main gifts of Amazon Fire tablets which I spent all year saving for with Park Vouchers
To have paid £20 towards Midges London trip and something towards Little A's Plymouth trip- Paid but soon it will be installment time again!

Decorate the house for Halloween- We decorated the front room which looked awesome!

Go trick or treating, carve pumpkins as a family and have fun- We really did have a fun half term and a pretty frugal one too. We carved a pumpkin (well A and I did) which we called Pumpkin Joey this year, we went trick or treating and also enjoyed dishing some sweets out too. 
To have moved in properly- A part from photos which we need to hang upstairs, we are all moved in

November Goals:

Lose weight again (and again no figure here)
Find bras that fit!
Complete Christmas shopping
Be up to date with snail mail

Pay November installments of school trips
Switch from pay 6 monthly to meter for gas and electric (we avoid debt this way)
Start new Park account for next Christmas early for once (this way I can afford more vouchers for next year)

Celebrate my Dads birthday
Do some frugal activities with the children
Have a date night with Mr B
Spend some girl time with Midge
Finish the family photo wall
Visit my Aunt and Gran at least twice this month

Some good goals for this month and a couple I have already completed as I'm late posting! What are you goals for November?
Cupcake Mumma


  1. You did brilliant with your goals for October well done ! I owe you a letter you wrote to me ages ago I've got so behind lately. Good luck with your November goals x