Reasons to be Cheerful

I started this post and few days ago and I must admit I struggled to find things to be happy about. Probably why you shouldn't blog in the midst of tonsillitis. I have made a recovery now and I do indeed have things to be cheerful about. I'm happy that Little A finally got his star of the day on Tuesday! He's waited so long and his teacher said he had an ace day so it was definitely his time. He was over the moon and we were really proud.

Midge went for her second gymnastics session on Monday. It was meant to be a taster session but she's already decided it's for her so she went in in a new leotard and got put in for a badge which she got! Well done my Midgey!

Oh yes, I have to be cheerful about this one. I finally, finally got a call from school and I can volunteer! They've asked if I can help out with forest school 2 days a week and I jumped at the chance. It'll be more fun than listening to the children read and I love being outside, plus it's year 1 which is perfect for me. They were inundated with offers so I'm happy to get what I was offered and actually I think it'll do me more good being outside than in.

Beautiful view of St. Micheal's Mount

I got to see my Aunt this week which was lovely, I just wish it was for a little longer. I had a browse around town then thought I'd surprise my Aunt and Gran by appearing at her house. Unfortunately no one was in! I did get hold of my Aunt and we had a nice chat over some mushrooms on toast.

Cupcake Mumma

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  1. I love the reaction children have to being the star. Makes me so happy as a teacher! Yay to the end of tonsillitis and gym badges. Forest school is so much fun

  2. Well done to Little A & Midge ! and well done to you too for getting a place at the school, forest school is lots of fun and being outdoors will do you the world of good. Finding the reasons to be cheerful when you are feeling rubbish is not easy but there always is something if you look hard enough x

  3. Yay, great news that Little A got the star and glad Midge is enjoying her gymnastics and whoop you are over tonsillitis, that is miserable. Mich x

  4. Exactly this x I'm finding reasons to be cheerful too x

  5. Fab news for the kids and great that you are over your tonsillitis too that must have been awful!

    Well done on getting the volunteer work at the school that should be lots of fun, good luck!

    Love that photo of St Micheal's mount, not been there since pregnant with Alex! x