October at The Cupcakes

We've left October, my favourite month. We spent the first week of October moving into our new place which we are now settled into. I've unpacked and moved things about so it all feels much better now. We had BT over to sort the phone and internet which was a success and came at a good time with needing to sort some things out online. My parents bought the children a new bed which they love. We asked for a bunk bed because the room was going to be too cramped with 2 beds in there. Dad found a triple bunk bed which is awesome and we're all really pleased with it!

Mum and Midge having a hot chocolate//Midge and cousin Georgia having a play date//New bunk bed!//Morning brew needed//Day off school so climbing trees//Heading to Penzance to see my Aunt and Gran//Free From fish//A and I at the park playing football//Mr B got his name in the paper again

I had one too many Costa trips at the start of the month but it's hard to say no to new friends. I'm just loving having good mates, people to talk to and having a good giggle in the mornings. The pooch and I walk everyday and I've been relatively good at sticking to healthy eating (although can absolutely do better, a few too many hot chocolates and a good few chippy teas have been had during the move..)

The children have been doing good at school but mostly they've been counting down to Christmas and Halloween! They've both had poorly days with Midge having a bad head and getting croup which took a bit longer to clear up. We've all had colds (Mr B spread it around!) but have all plodded along. has been doing really well with his homework and also now goes into school by himself which is a big step for all the children. Half term sort of came around very quickly but before the children got some time off I managed to catch up on my happy mail and sort out lots of house bits plus get their Christmas presents which have been successfully hidden!

Over half term we took the opportunity to do free things now we're feeling the pinch a bit more. Don't get me wrong, we're better off than a lot of people but throughout the year we have some good months and some harder months like many and just before Christmas plus a house move draining the small savings I did have hasn't made things any easier. We've had some nice walks together (well nice might be pushing it considering it has been raining!) on the Monday the weather was gorgeous so the washing was put on the clothes horse, the dog was walked and then we headed to the park for the afternoon bumping into several friends which was nice.

Midge's first cake in the new house//Autumn trees//Half term leafy dog walks//A getting a Costa whilst waiting for Midge to finish her club//Both children have a children up in the local Boots//A in the park//My birthday potato!//Birthday Costa!

Little A had his first ever friend for dinner experience! He had 2 friends over (they're twins) one took to Midge and stayed with her and A played with his other friend. There was role play games, Lego, colouring in and some Lego Jarassic Park for me sit through while they talked in a little circle on the front room floor! We've had some film and TV days, Midge and I baked a rather lush chocolate cake and we've seen both Grandma and Pops on different days. There has been lots of Minecraft and You Tube in this house too this half term!

I turned 27 last month! I had a great day. My friend visited and treated me to lunch, we went to the park and had a Costa which my Mum also came to. Mum baked me a lovely cake with the help of my little ones. The next day Mr B and I headed to Plymouth for a night where we had a lovely hotel stay, walked around Plymouth, saw the lighthouse and then the memorial which was really emotional to walk around. A chippy tea was exactly what we needed before heading back to enjoy the bath and comfy bed at the hotel.

My birthday cake//Midge and A with their Costa//Mr B and I on the train to Plymouth//Penguin getting ready for his hot chocolate//Plymouth Memorial//Plymouth Lighthouse//The Lido//Yummy chip tea

The Memorial at Plymouth//Happy Halloween//Me testing the super sized bed//Penguin came with us to keep A happy//Bought the Big Issue//New notebook//Pretty Christmas trees going up 

October was a really good month for all of us I think. How was yours?

Cupcake Mumma

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