July at The Cupcake House

July went quickly here for us. It started with a lovely trip out with the school where they had arranged a Tesco trip for their farm to fork initiative. It was a good trip out with reception, I really enjoyed it. The trip wasn't the best I've been on but it was important for the children to learn about our food produce and I was surprised how many little ones knew so much about the different fruits and veg on offer; nice one guys! 
I picked up my new glasses, one pair is nicer than the other pair but shh, don't tell Mr B, he bought them both! The black pair are my favourite and I wear them the most although still not nearly enough..oops. I re designed my blog but as you can see that didn't last very long! I love pink I really do but it felt like a good time to go back to a nice simple look that stands out a bit better. I hope you all agree?

I had a few Costa trips both alone, with friends and with my Midge on a day after school where we had to do different school pick ups for the disco night. So annoying going to and fro so I though a hot chocolate was the best idea and it's half way to school so much easier. I caught up on my snail mail (although now I'm very behind again!) and got to watch my Mini Cupcakes at their Sports Day which they both did really well at again this year.  

Roo on the bus to Tesco, My new glasses, Blog design (now old!), Snail mail, Midge at Costa, A refreshing drink at sports day, Roo at sports day, Posing with his medal, Midge and Roo looking out to sea

We had a lovely family day out in the middle of July meeting up with my parents and cousin who I hadn't seen in a long time. We walked around Porthleven taking lots of photos. It was a misty day but it was nice to walk around. Back at Mum's house Little A helped prepare a picnic tea which was lovely. My Aunt and Gran joined us so it was a real family affair. 
I did the Race for Life with my Mum bringing my Dad and the Mini Cupcakes along for moral support. We did the race 3 legged (the only ones mad enough!) and raised just under £200 which we were so, so pleased with! 

Little A at the cannons, Porthleven town hall, Roo preparing lunch, Lunch ready for devouring, Me and my medal at race for life, Mum and I at the race, Peppa looking guilty, Mr B eating pasty and being circled by a seagull! Mr B and the Mini Cupcakes

The last bit of July went really fast. It was a whirl of making and giving teacher gifts, helping in the classroom, baking and buying cakes for class parties and finding whatever was required for the different themed days that the school was doing to make the end of term as enjoyable as possible. Mr B and I got some quality time before the holidays kicked off and Little A got a brand new football kit courtesy of Daddy. He looks so cute don't you think?! 

Family photo!, Teacher gifts, Mr B and I having some us time, Roo in his new football gear, Me and Roo having a nap, Roo at his leaving ceremony, Both children on their last day, Cake I baked for Roo's class to say goodbye and thank you

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Looks like you all had a fun packed July, congrats on completing the race it's lovely that you did it with your mum. Love the new header it looks awesome x

  2. You had a very busy July! Lots of fun things happening though. You look lovely in glasses, I have them for when I am super tired or doing a lot of uni work in one day but I am awful at remembering about them! I hope August has been just as good for you xx

  3. July looks like it included lots of fun, some great photos in there. I like the new glasses and I agree, I like the slick and clean new blog look. Mich x