Day Trip #4 Marazion Beach with The Family!

I am fresh from the beach (actually I'm fresh from the shower after washing all the sand out of my hair and lagging my legs in after sun) but I have had such a brilliant day I couldn't wait to write about it. The Mini Cupcakes are chilling out in the front room after a long day of fun so I thought I'd grab a couple of spare moments to record this memory.

We piled in the car with Mum and Pop this morning and headed to Marazion to meet my sister and her boyfriend. After parking up we headed to the shop for 2 much needed ice creams from Jordan's cafe and then headed to the beach to set up our beach camp for the day.

St. Michael's Mount

I didn't bring any swim gear with me such is my anxiety about swimming in the sea but when I saw it this morning, all calm with a few waves and glimmering in the sun I knew I had to go in. The leggings came off and the over sized t-shirt my Mum brought with her went on and we both waded in. I took the plunge and it was so, so good to be in that water after years of not going in. I've been so cautious about the sea and lately there have been so many tragic accidents it makes you a little nervous but I definitely learnt not to hold myself back so much with my fears. I actually said as I swam it felt good for my soul and I stick by that, I feel amazing this evening!

Midge off to the sea

Pop enjoying the view

We had a lovely picnic, enjoying Mums chocolate cake and my Jaffa cake that I made yesterday. We had yogurts and sandwiches, the usual stuff before buying some postcards and sweets then heading back into the sea to paddle with Midge and Little A. They both made a friend at the beach actually so for an hour they were digging holes and making castles while I got to lay down and relax. That's what I like about them getting older! 

A digging holes 

We stayed for hours, didn't even realise it was nearly 5pm! It was just so nice to relax, not worry about anything and everyone had a really enjoyable day.

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  1. Sounds wonderful!! I haven't swam in the sea for many years, I'm too scared I'll get stung by a jellyfish (again!) Xx