On Being Evicted...

So, a week and a bit ago I answered the door to our landlord. He wanted to speak to my husband but he wasn't around. Noticing he was clearly troubled I asked him if I could help..I wasn't expecting to hear that, in a nutshell, we would be getting our 2 months notice immediately and a deadline given to us. He felt awful, I understood and we didn't take it to heart, it's the downside of renting and we knew it could happen at anytime.

I wasn't quite expecting this conversation at half past 9 on a Wednesday evening mind you so I did go into shock. It's been a very full on week or so since we got the news. Knowing how tough the housing situation is and knowing we have no money meant we were straight onto the property and borrowing money search. We're still kind of on that search but getting to the point we need to be!

After lots of form filling, budgeting, a fab housing officer and an understanding estate agents we managed to find a new property. I was terrified of being made homeless. We know very well that if it came to the crunch there would be a tempory house on offer and it could be anywhere in Cornwall. We wanted to avoid this at all costs. Thankfully we have.

I feel so blessed right now. I had visions of turning up to the council with loads of stuff because we couldn't find a place. I thought we would have to move further away, isolating myself and taking the children out of a fantastic school. I was so scared.

We viewed a house last week. It's small but it's cosy. It's a 2 bed and not a 3 bed because we couldn't afford the 3 bed prices. It doesn't have a garden but does have a small yard and we get to keep our beloved Peppa dog. I've promised the children there'll be more park trips to make up for the loss of the garden and their trampoline.

I am viewing this as a new start. We will sign a years tenancy agreement, we will have a deposit to claim back when this happens again (it will because it's the life of renting) I think this will be the change I have been craving and it really could be a blessing in disguise.