Gluten & Dairy Free Jaffa Cake ~ Great Bloggers Bake Off 2016

Hello Cupcakes! The Great British Bake Off is finally back! Which also means the very many GBBO obsessed bloggers, including myself, are back to try and bake along with this years contestants and share our bakes with the ever lovely Jenny who is hosting her bakes and the bloggers link up at her blog Mummy Mishaps, so do check it out!

This week we had drizzle cake, Jaffa cakes and mirror cakes. As my title suggests I really wanted to try Jaffa cakes but I wanted to make a biiiiig Jaffa cake, not little ones that my children would inhale in 3 seconds flat. So, I've decided to make a large Jaffa type cake. It's a bit wonky, it's a little thinner than I wanted but it is delicious!

Throughout this bake-along I am attempting all bakes gluten, wheat and dairy free. Fingers crossed, last year was tough so this year will be tougher!

* I'm afraid when it comes to baking I am very much a 'throw it together' type of baker. I will try my best with recipes and measurements or provide a link to a recipe I've followed (sort of!)*

Jaffa Cake Sponge
Using 3 small sandwich tins (from Poundland) I baked my 3 layers using:

6oz Vitilite dairy free spread 
6oz caster sugar
3 eggs
6oz Doves Farm self raising flour
1/2 tsp Gluten free baking powder
A splash of orange flavouring

All the ingredients are in the order I used them. Mix them well but don't over mix. Ensure there is no flour sitting at the bottom of the bowl which it likes to do. Then pop the mix into your tins which should be greased and lined to avoid any cake based disasters and cook in the oven for 15-20 mins at 180 or until your knife comes out clean when you gently insert it into the middle of the sponge.

Orange Syrup

100ml Squeezed Orange juice (sieve out the bits)
3oz caster sugar

Using a small pan, heat the juice and sugar until the sugar has dissolved. Brush the syrup over your cake layers while the cake is still warm.

Sandwich your cakes together using a delicious marmalade. I used a Tesco marmalade with no peel and spread it on really thick. I then assembled my layers together. When the cake is completely cool you are ready for the chocolate!

Chocolate Topping

Dairy free chocolate. I used 6/7 packets of Tesco's free from chocolate buttons
100ml soya milk
3tbsp Golden Syrup
2oz Vitilite dairy free spread

Put the chocolate into a bowl. In a small pan, heat the soya milk and golden syrup until the mix boils. Pour over the dairy free chocolate and leave to stand. Stir the chocolate gently until it is all melted. Stir in the Vitilite until it melts and leave to cool and thicken slightly. Some people pour the chocolate over, some people use a spoon to add it to the cake. I did a bit of both!


  1. Oh wow, that looks incredible, look at that ganache topping! I thought I wouldn't like a jaffa cake but yours has me thinking otherwise.

  2. Now big Jaffa cake that is much more up my street none of that faffing with the little ones. This does look good Im pinning to my free from pinterest board

  3. This looks so good, I bet my hubby and boys would love it, i'm hoping to be baking along this year as well. Xx

  4. What a great idea to make a biiiiig jaffa cake, it looks amazing with the lovely shine to the chocolate topping :-)
    Angela x

  5. A big jaffa cake is my idea of heaven and that one looks lovely! :)

  6. The big jaffa cake looks great. I was thinking of a big jaffa cake instead of small ones, as it's easier to make. I will see which one I'll make, so far I've baked a drizzle. Baking along the GBBO is really exciting, isn't it?

  7. Love the idea of s big Jaffa cake and this one looks gorgeous!

  8. Your gluten free sponge looks great!