Reasons to be Cheerful: New Jobs and Family Time

First off, thank you to those who made the effort to contact me regarding a recent blog post. It's a confusing time for me blog wise, I don't think I can say I want it to end though. I saw the weekly tweet prompting us to think of our cheerful moments each week and I know I'd be lost without my blog, looking back through all the posts I've written makes me cheerful. I will write as and when I want to and return to the beginning where I loved Cupcake Mumma and loved to blog. Just with better photos! So anyway, thank you xx

Now some recent reasons to be cheerful are...

I had a lovely BBQ with the little ones last Friday, all very spontaneous (that's me!) It's quite funny actually, I won a competition early last week and it said that I'd won a BBQ; cue much excitement! Friday came and the BBQ turned instant BBQ! I was a little disappointed, I didn't expect anything big and wonderful but neither did I expect an instant one. Anyway, it made me laugh and we had the most lovely little time outside cooking sausages and eating corn on the cob and potato salad together on Midge's blanket. It was a beautiful day for a change.

I've won a few prizes this month, my little BBQ, a cushion cover and a surprise prize which I'll have to wait for. I do love entering a competition but I make a point of not being greedy, I only enter for something I could use or put away as a gift for a loved one so I appreciate my winnings more.

My husband got a new job! He will start in June or July and will be working as a care support worker for adults with disabilities. He's worked hard for us 5 days a week for 5 years now in a bacon factory, I am so thankful he has found a place where I know he will do good. He won't stay there forever, but he's realised what he's meant to do and that's so wonderful. He will get so many opportunities at his new work and I hope he's very happy.

My new hygienist is lovely, I can't tell you how strange it is to go to the dentist and not be wracked with nerves! I've had a good clean and picked up some tips for my oral care and also the children's so I'm really happy.

What are your Reasons to be Cheerful?

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  1. Good luck to your hubby in his new job. And well done on those prizes. xx

  2. Yay, so very pleased you have come to a place of knowing what to do with yoru blog and a massive well done to yoru husband on his new job, very exciting. Mich x #R2BC

  3. HaHa! Instant BBQ. That's hilarious! So pleased your hubby has a new job. I hope it goes really well. I haven't had chance to read you r earlier posts so I do hope you regain your blogging mojo.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post Hannah you sound much more positive which is fantastic, with blogging it's so easy to get caught up in all the stats and forget why you love writing I'm the same. Congrats to hubby on his new job and to you on your lovely wins xx

  5. Wish him well in his new job from us! I have been behind with blog reading so I missed your last post, but I hope you don't end blogging! You are the one who inspired me to blog xx