Freebies and Prizes ~ February and March

February's Freebies

I wrote a letter to Udis with Midge and I was so surprised when a big box of goodies were handed to me from the company. We had all sorts in there, even some new products and two £2 off coupons.

Box of goodies from Udis!

I got some nappies from Pampers in the mail, I didn't think I was getting a whole pack so I was really pleased and passed them on to my friend whose little boy has just gone up a size. I got some nail stickers for Midge which are pretty funky, a Cancer Research pack which will be great for our fundraising for the Race for Life. I also got a valentines card for Mr B which was super sweet!

A mix of February and March freebies here including a Valentines card, Woodland Trust pin badge, Nail stickers, Colouring books and a perfume sample

February's Prizes

Some tasty homemade marshmallows, a children's book (Rapunzel) that I won with Midge in mind (she loves it), £50 online Amazon voucher which went towards Little A's birthday gifts plus a book voucher worth £15 which got me 3 new, fab books and lastly a £50 Disney gift card.

March's Freebies

A book about teeth, Lego Junior mag, Face cream, Seeds, Confetti and The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Just in time for Easter this tooth book fell through my door. I have no idea where it came from but I found it really funny. I got a great selection of colouring books as a Mothers Day gift from Buster Books which was so lovely. The Very Hungry Caterpillar dropped through our door which was a great surprise and a fabulous freebie, I gave this to Little A with the Lego mag that finally arrived! I was really pleased with my woodland trust pin badge, my real petal confetti and seeds for my garden.

No prizes for March sadly!

Do you have any freebies and prizes to share? Drop me a comment below!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. It's so nice when little surprises arrive isn't it, I hope May brings you lots more.

    1. Yes I love little bits of mail :) thanks Angela and you!x