Bedroom Make Over Plans 2016

Earlier in the year I surprised Midge with a bedroom make over. We got rid of a little damp, she got new curtains and fresh paint plus some lovely bits and bobs from a local home decor shop; she loved it. Next year I need to focus on Little A's room and our room.

Little A has kindly drawn over a few walls, so a fresh lick of paint is desperately needed. He'll be getting funky curtains and some posters for his walls, probably Marvel or whatever he's into next year! I really want to do our room too. It doesn't need much, okay it needs more than I think..

Our current set up is a blanket for a blind! It's pretty chilly in here!

A new bed, because ours is broken! (You can't tell because Mr B is such a good bodge jobber but this bed is on its last legs, I'm terrified it'll crush the Christmas presents!) At least this will be cheap because we have a new mattress. I want to add some more photos to the room, I do like a bright room, it's a bit girly bit Mr B is fine with that. Because it's an attic room it's really cold so I'm hoping to look into VELUX Blinds which will help to keep us warmer, I'll see if I can get pink but that might be too far...I suppose black would be better but it's worth a try! New bedding will be needed too, we've had the same duvet sets for years!

I'm going to be on a mission next year with our house, I know it's rented but we should be able to stay here quite some time. We've made the lounge look lovely and downstairs only needs a few canvas pictures to complete it. Upstairs is where it's at and I'm itching to get going, Christmas and a few birthdays first though!

Do any of you have any plans for the home in 2016? Whether it's renovations or a touch of paint, I want to know!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Your bedroom is adorable! Midge's room looks awesome as well!
    We are hopefully going to be doing our extension next year (it's taking forever planning wise), but there will be lots of decorating going on here! xx

    1. Can't wait to hear your plans and how they go next year, I know you've been waiting a while! Ha I showed the nice side of the room!!x

  2. I see you finally received that cushion in the end!! x