Bedroom Make Over Plans 2016

Earlier in the year I surprised Midge with a bedroom make over. We got rid of a little damp, she got new curtains and fresh paint plus some lovely bits and bobs from a local home decor shop; she loved it. Next year I need to focus on Little A's room and our room.

Little A has kindly drawn over a few walls, so a fresh lick of paint is desperately needed. He'll be getting funky curtains and some posters for his walls, probably Marvel or whatever he's into next year! I really want to do our room too. It doesn't need much, okay it needs more than I think..

Our current set up is a blanket for a blind! It's pretty chilly in here!

A new bed, because ours is broken! (You can't tell because Mr B is such a good bodge jobber but this bed is on its last legs, I'm terrified it'll crush the Christmas presents!) At least this will be cheap because we have a new mattress. I want to add some more photos to the room, I do like a bright room, it's a bit girly bit Mr B is fine with that. Because it's an attic room it's really cold so I'm hoping to look into VELUX Blinds which will help to keep us warmer, I'll see if I can get pink but that might be too far...I suppose black would be better but it's worth a try! New bedding will be needed too, we've had the same duvet sets for years!

I'm going to be on a mission next year with our house, I know it's rented but we should be able to stay here quite some time. We've made the lounge look lovely and downstairs only needs a few canvas pictures to complete it. Upstairs is where it's at and I'm itching to get going, Christmas and a few birthdays first though!

Do any of you have any plans for the home in 2016? Whether it's renovations or a touch of paint, I want to know!

Cupcake Mumma