Bargains and Freebies Week 1

I'm really getting back into charity shop hunting and signing up for free stuff, it's been years since I collected free stuff online and it's great fun. I'm also starting to do comping as a bit of fun and hope to win something next year at least once! You never know after all. I've had 1 freebie this week but it's because I've just started collecting them again which means with any luck in a few weeks time I'll have some more land on my doorstep! This weeks freebie was a new design Pull Up pant plus a £1 off coupon!

So this week I'm showing off some great finds that I've got for an absolute bargain. First is this phone case for Mr B's Christmas gift. I thought it was very him and although you can get these cases in Poundland they are much softer, I picked this up from eBay for £4.99 it'll be perfect for Mr B, it's a harder case and has 2 little card inserts which he's wanted for ages.

I picked up a onesie for Midges Christmas Eve box. Since One D took a break I've noticed a huge increase not only in the obvious merchandise that has the original 5 on but the other bits and pieces that don't. This onesie was only 50p and all it will need is a wash to freshen it up. I love charity shops and so do my children, no shame here!

I recently visited Hogwarts in the snow and wanted to pick up a booklet which contains all the information on all the sets and props. These are priced at £9.99 so I decided against it. When I got home I went onto eBay and grabbed myself one in mint condition for only £1.50. Score!

Below is a selection of goodies I picked up cheap too. Poundland have some wonderful story books for children, I picked up Thomas for Little A and a Pooh Bear one for Midge, these are for their Christmas boxes. A woody doll which still works but is missing his cord (which doesn't bother me at all!) was all of 99p; happy Hannah! I've always wanted to buy one but at £30 plus I could never afford one. I got some Tsum Tsum Squashies this week too which are for a review coming soon. I don't consider these freebies though because it takes time and effort to write good reviews for companies!

I'd love to hear about your bargain hunting, charity shop finds and any freebies you've found lately!

Cupcake Mumma

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  1. Fab post I love charity shops and the odd poundland trip, they have some great bits x