My Week That Was Week 39

Last week was a slow sort of week. One moment I was bored stiff the next the time flew, then it seemed to stand still again. I have no idea what that's about, just me? Probably. I enjoyed some healthier meals, some comforting meals and some damn right junk food snacks (mainly chocolate) whilst moaning about my ever expanding waistline (but I did lose 2lb, must have been the extra walking efforts. I've been taking longer to get home as more active exercises are making my heart palpitations worse but I've found new ways to go, or walked slower to window shop or take more hills for my legs (and butt) I'm at a very low level sit up wise but it'll improve!

Trying to do some sit ups with the dog sat next to me//  Toad in the hole//  New stationery//  English breakfast

Spending time with my boy// Hot chocolate// Starting to decorate// Stocking for the pooch// Writing up recipes// Decorating the dog!

I moved some furniture around in the house on Wednesday which has opened up the landing and although my rooms a little crowded, when it comes to putting out the charity bags and all the presents are either sent or under the tree I will get some space back!

On Thursday Mum gave me a lift to the new fire station to meet the school reception class for their trip. We learnt about staying safe, saw all their equipment (not that equipment!) all the children got to sit in a fire truck and then use the hose outside! They had a wonderful time and I really enjoyed helping out. I can't wait to sort my provisional and help in the school next year.

Tomato soup// School trip// Bargain Harry Potter book// Happy photo// With my girl

I wrapped some gifts this week, they need to be posted as they are for good friends and a blogger Christmas gift swap. I'm not super organised don't worry. Hubby took photos of me wrapping, I gave him a big smile to shut him up and it's my favourite photo of myself for a long time!

I was pleased with my bargains this week. T shirts, some Christmas gifts and letter writing sets were just some of my bargains. I've snuggled with my boy and enjoyed new novels with my girl.

At the weekend I took about 2 hours to make a Battenburg cake for Dad as its one of his favourites.
I called him early on Friday to say happy birthday but we couldn't visit until Sunday. We went to my Grans house and had a lovely roast with cake for pudding. My Gran has a new dog who fits right in to the family, she's bonkers and we love her already so much. Sadly Little A came down poorly so I've started the week with a very run down, tired and upset little boy.

Battenburg// At dinner with my Midge// Grans new dog Milly// Pops!// Delicious roast potatoes

I hope you all had a great week and be sure to check back in to see how my week 40 has gone!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Wow you made your own batten burg cake how clever! That photo if the fry up makes me want one!! X

    1. I love a good fry up and I was too impressed by the cake I can't believe I didn't give up!!

  2. This post has made me very hungry! That cake looks amazing. Sounds like a really good week, sorry your little boy isn't feeling well now though, hope he feels better soon. I have just sent off my bloggers secret santa too, I felt very organised getting it done at the beginning of December!xx #abitofeverything

    1. Funny everyone says that! Makes me hungry reading back ha! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. What a lovely week. That toad in the hole looks lush x

  4. Your dog is so sweet, bless him wearing that tinsel. I applaud you for making that batenberg, it looks fabulous. Thanks for linking up, Tracey #abitofeverything

  5. That battenberg looks so yummy! And lovely photo of you too x