Reasons to Smile September

Can you believe it's that time already? Time to write what has made me happy and thankful over the month.

Winning a Harry Potter book set by dressing up as Luna Lovegood was a definite highlight! Granted there was no competition in the end but I guess that just proves what a fan I am! My books arrived yesterday and I am so, so, so happy!

The children started school and are loving it (thankfully.) It makes me so happy that I can kiss them goodbye and wave them off into their classroom. I find that it's me hanging around outside Roo Bear's class rather than him!

I have made some delicious homemade puddings this month. My favourites have been a chocolate pastry roll and a chocolate cake.

I had a wisdom tooth removed that was causing me grief. It's fair to say the whole process isn't fun but I am glad it's over with and I'm now pain free!

I have two new pen pals! One is from Germany and one is from America! I now have two in America which is great! I love writing my letters.

I have made real headway with Christmas planning. It may be too soon for some but with no savings due to financial hiccups before summer I have had to start planning and purchasing early this year. Luckily I love Christmas so this is not a chore for me and just something to feel pleased about!

My blog turned 4! I told everyone it was 5, I've never been very good at math! I can't believe I've been at this for 4 years now, if anyone knows me they know I don't stick to any idea for long so I am very surprised at myself! I love writing on Cupcake Mumma and am grateful to all my readers and for all the opportunities I've had so far.

The beginning of Autumn arrived this month and I'm so pleased as it's easily my favourite season. I'm enjoying the crunch of the leaves under my boots as I do the school run and the intake of warm drinks has also increased; yey for warm drinks! Although this week has actually been quite hot in Cornwall, what's that about? Or am I just wearing too many layers too soon? Answers on a postcard please!

I'd love to know what's made you smile this month and if you feel like sharing with more than just my comment box,hop over to A Cornish Mum and join her linky by clicking the badge below.

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Plutonium Sox said...

What a lovely post, it's always great to stop and take the time to appreciate what has happened in a particular month - it's so easy to forget the small things that actually, when you look back in years to come, were the big things.x

Tinuke B said...

Happy Autumn! Oh and happy blog birthday too! Mine turned 5 last month (or is it 4 too, I better check!)

E said...

What a lovely positive post :) That cake looks lovely x

coach-daddy said...

The end of September made me smile! It was a rough month. October has such promise, and I'm ready to roll.

Bethan ThomasW said...

Happy 4 year blog birthday! That cake looks delicious! Hope your all recovered after your wisdom tooth came out! xx

Stevie - A Cornish Mum said...

Your posts always make me so hungry!! ;) Sounds like a good month lovely and love how upbeat you're sounding :) we should meet in Truro or somewhere for a cuppa again at some point? The Mish event seems ages ago now! I love Christmas and I'm excited about it already!! Happy blogversary belatedly :)

Thanks for linking up to #TenThings
Stevie x

Hannah said...

I couldn't agree more, I love going back over my posts and reading what made me smile months ago x

Hannah said...

And to you lovely! Haha I doubt many people get their blog birthdays mixed up!

Hannah said...

You're the second person to type that! I like that people want to eat my bakes! I amTotally Up for a meet up again would be so lovely :) xx

Hannah said...

Thank you Emma x

Hannah said...

So glad you're ready for October it's my favourite month!

Hannah said...

Yes all sorted now thankfully! Thank you for the blog bday wishes xx