Our Week That Was ~ Week 31

Last week we had some lovely walks to school which was a surprise because I was expecting some really awful weather (that came in mid week so it wasn't clear skies for long!) on our walks we have been bumping into a cat who likes to 'meet up' as it were with the Mini Cupcakes for a short burst of exercise before running into its house for more breakfast (I reckon anyway!) the children have become very fond of their little white, fluffy friend. I've enjoyed putting my warm boots on and crunching through the beautiful crisp autumn leaves that are slowly covering our walkways and lawns. It's a shame they're not waterproof though, I have soaking wet feet when I return home!

On Tuesday I had to take A out of school for a dentist appointment. We waited for some time because we were really early but he was very well behaved, enjoyed the books on offer and then saw the dentist with no trouble at all much to my relief. We went and had a late lunch of mash potato, sausage and beans then picked Midge up from school. We all walked to my mother in laws house to see their aunt who was celebrating turning 17. There was food and a pug cake and the children loved playing with their cousins and Nanny's' new dog.

I went over to Penzance on Wednesday to help my Aunt move some things around in her house and to go through a lot of old items that had built up over the years. We found a lot of her old midwifery bits and in particular I was fascinated with the old weighing device as demonstrated by Cornish Bear in the photo. I had lunch with my Grandma too which was lovely. I also came home to my much awaited prize on Wednesday, my new Harry Potter book collection from The Book People! I was so happy but I still haven't taken the warp off the books, I kind of don't want to open it!

I baked some cakes this week, my favourite was a chocolate cake which I decorated so simply but  it looks so pretty I thought. I still lick the bowl out at 25 and I don't think that'll ever stop! We went to stay with my Mum for the night on Saturday, sadly A was unwell but he was much brighter Sunday morning and Midge had a good weekend. I baked a tart before I left for mums and we ate it for pudding which was very tasty if I do say so myself. Midge loved it but A thought it was a bit too much! We all enjoyed having a nice bath at Grandmas and going to the garden center where we saw lots of Christmas bits and chose some flowers for both Grandmas and our own garden. It was a lovely end to the week, especially with the fry up I cooked everyone; that was a really nice treat!

Cupcake Mumma