Gluten and Dairy Free Biscotti

Today I'm blogging the biscuit challenge from last weeks Bake Off. I wasn't too worried about biscuit week, I mean I don't make wonderful biscuits but they've always tasted nice and been fairly successful. This week I took the recipe from another website. I found that 2 eggs would've been better than 3 and that there was too much water for me because my dough was pretty wet and it should've been a lot drier than that.

Because my dough spread quite a bit I thought my biscotti was too long, I preferred the shorter pieces I had cut. It was also softer (so no star baker prizes would've been handed to me!) personally I liked the softer inside, my teeth don't like anything too hard so I was happy with my bake in this respect.

So next time I plan to use less egg and less water and hope to have more success, although I am very happy with my gluten and dairy free biscotti this week.

Cupcake Mumma

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  1. These look great,I think there's a "free from" week this year so I know who to come to for advice!