Our 3rd Anniversary

Today is myself and Mr B's third wedding anniversary. We're celebrating this year whilst on holiday with Midge and Little A which is a lovely way to spend it. We have both bought each other the simple gifts of our favourite sweets, some Reece's sticks and American chocolate for Mr B and some marshmallows and Strawbs for me! I think when we return we'll go for a nice dinner together because we are well overdue some Us time!

Three years probably doesn't sound like much to most but I love every added year with my Husband and treasure each and every year. I hope we never get lost, I hope we always remember that we've come through so very much together and I pray I will always believe in us and our marriage. Mr B you are my soul mate and I so want to spend many, many more years with you my wonderful husband!

Today I plan to just relax with my family and appreciate the moment, the joy and love.

Cupcake Mumma