#Paperhaul Box 5!

This months #Paperhaul box that dropped onto my doormat is a rather retro box of goodies. There are some great colours and patterns featured in this box, the 5th box to be released by #Paperhaul. Every month I wonder what theme will pop through my letter box, this month is not my favourtie I have to admit, I'm more of a vintage gal than a retro one. However, there are several items I really do love and the ones I'm not so fond of can easily be posted on or gifted to someone I know who adores retro/music (you'll see!)

My favourite item in these boxes by far are the washi tapes. Washi tape is quite a pricey item for what it is (in my book anyhow!) and I always look forward to seeing what has been placed in the #Paperhaul box. This months box had a lovely floral pattern, it's gone straight into my sticker and tape box.

I love the gift tags this month; it's hard to not like a rainbow pattern though right?

There are always two cards in a box. This month neither are really something I'd use but I am strangely drawn to the girl on the telephone, it's a really retro image isn't it? 

Mini note cards with a lovely pattern on the front. These always come with their own mini brown envelopes.


These stickers are the first ones I think that haven't had an image on them. They're too big for me to use like the previous stickers I've received in previous boxes, but I think I will cut shapes out of them instead. They're very cleaver stickers in a disco effect which kind of looks a bit 3D.

Scrap papers. I love the apples the most. Again, these will be saved for my scrap book that I'm yet to start!)

Of course I love a postcard and this month there are 3. Only one of these postcards will make it into my proper collection, I'm rather taken with it (below) the other two aren't really me, so I'll have to think hard about who to pass these on to!

Did you receive this months #Paperhaul box? I'd love to know what you thought!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Love that washi tape, and really, you can never have too much washi, right?! The stickers and tags are fab, too :) x

    1. So so true never enough! It doesn't last long!! X

  2. I love this idea so much, I seriously love stationary so much!! I love that washi tape a lot. Lovely post :) xx


    1. Thank you Sarah, I love washi tape it's a close second to stickers for me!