Dear So and So..

Dear Midge,

Well done on winning a competition for some vouchers, the look on your face was priceless. It was the first one you've ever entered and won and I know you've got a taste for it now! Only 1 more sleep until we venture off - I can't wait!

Love you, Mummy xx


Dear Little A

I'm sorry last week was such a balls up, this week has been better. By some miracle you even slept in your own bed last night woo hoo! (I'm aware this is rare I'm not getting too excited!) I'm going to miss you so, so much this weekend but I know you'll have fun with Daddy and it'll be really good for you both to spend some time together. When I come back, I promise we'll get your hair cut too, it's getting a bit manic!

Love Mumma xx


Dear Sun,

Please don't go! I was so enjoying your warmth then the rain came...then the hail came! Yesterday was beautiful so I'd love some more of that! It doesn't need to be hot (honest, I'm not good with heat anyway) sunny would be good though just keep the mood in a good place!

From, The Lady who Loves the Sunshine.


Dear House,

Clean yourself. #upyourshousework

From, The No Longer Arsed Housewife.


Dear Readers,

Thank-you for reading! Do join the link up at Mummy From the Heart and share your letters this week.

Cupcake Mumma x

Dear So and So at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Enjoy your adventure and I hope that your house is listening!

  2. Thank you for your visit. Somehow I didn't get the usual email notice of it or would have been here sooner. I'm still rounding for a-z, doing the road trip, and making sure I return all the visits and comments. The sun has been fleeting here too. We have a nice day followed by another week of cold, or cold and wet...soooooooooo ready for windows to be open etc.
    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

  3. I love you note to the house, brilliant hashtag. I hope your weekend with Midge has been wonderful. Mich x

  4. Well done Midge! My boys love entering comps but they never win :-)
    I need to write a letter to my house just like yours this week, it just doesn't seem to be negotiating with me, brilliant! X