Date Day!

Since becoming parents of two lovely children it's been harder and harder to grab some time to ourselves as partners, not just parents. I can't remember the last one Mr B and I had a date night or set aside something decent for during the day. Over the last few months I have made bookings for hotels not too far from home but they have had to be cancelled due to work or other commitments Mr B has made. Last week though Mr B was determined to be the successful date organiser and thinking outside the box (which I'm not so great at because I'm more dine me then take me to a lovely hotel with a massive bed with no kids in and a huge tub I can lie in for an hour..) Mr B did have plans for a nice hot meal in town but first he had something much more spontaneous in mind...

Yep. We went skating baby! Now my Husband is not the smallest man in the world, he's built more like a rugby player and carries a few extra pounds (who doesn't these days!) you'd expect him to be all over the place right? Well I thought he would be but no, I'm yet to find a sport related activity or form of extraordinary exercise that my husband is rubbish at. I was awesome at blading when I was a pre teen so thought I'd be a natural at this 4 wheels on the feet lark. I wasn't, I fell over within 5 minutes, the second time I stacked it so bad I had to hang my head and go and get wrist and knee supports that were oh so wisely offered but turned down by myself. When I returned it took me 15 minutes to fall again, I very nearly had a paddy I can tell you this, there were six year olds' doing better than me! I lasted another 20 minutes I suspect before heading to the slushie machine where we both decided enough was enough. We both had loads of fun, Mr B was really good at skating so was obviously banging on about going again straight after we left the building! He was however squeezing his feet into a pair of size 12 boots when he is a 13 so taking them off was quite a relief to him too! I'll be getting 4's next time, I mean obviously I was so rubbish because I was wearing 5's..... *ah hem*

We mooched around the market but that was a let down so went into the supermarket to explore the free from aisle (it's a habit I have) I got some new bits and some other items I find irresistible like lemon wafers, rice milk chocolate, peanut and coconut cookies and these Nakd salted caramel fruit pieces.

We headed back to town where we both enjoyed a sit down (myself rather gingerly) to eat a nice cooked meal. I stuffed my face with chips, sausage, egg and beans. I wasn't disappointed. We then headed home to enjoy the peace and quiet of the house before the children tumbled in an hour or so later from Grandmas house where they had seen Great Grandma, helped in the garden and popped over to see Pops and play for a bit.

We all had a great day out actually but it was so wonderful to spend that quality time with my husband after not having done properly for a long time. He wants to skating again... I've suggested swimming, cinema and of course a hotel stay but I'm thinking I might not get my way (skating then hotel to ease my pain perhaps?)

When was the last time you enjoyed some me time or time with your partner? What did you get up to? If you're in need of some, I hope you get some soon!

Cupcake Mumma

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