My Mini Royalists

I have no shame in loving our Royal Family. I don't know loads about them no, but I like to read the history of our royals and our present day ones are pretty wonderful. Unless you've been determined to miss it, you should know that we have now another member of our royal family in the form of Prince William and Princess Kate's little girl (name as yet unknown!)

As soon as we heard that the little Princess had been delivered we got decorating a few cupcakes to eat in celebration! My two were obviously happy with this. They chose not to be as patriotic as me!

With their marshmallow cupcakes

 My more patriotic offering..

Then a few hours later we watched the hospital doors open and reveal the gorgeous new mum Kate with her daughter and husband proudly waving to the crowd (kudos to the Duchess, I wanted to stay in my shower then sit on my sofa!) both of my children were so happy to see the new princess. Midge asked questions, Little A kept shouting 'let them go home!' 'Come to my house!' Then they clapped when the couple turned to re-enter the building.

I love that my two shared their happiness and joy with me today. There is so much to be sad, bitter and fed up with that to just rejoice as a country is such a wonderful thing and I'm pleased my two were as excited as me: their shameless royal-family-loving Mother!

Did you watch any of the coverage today or follow online? Any guesses on a name!?

Cupcake Mumma


  1. I loved the baby news too :-) I thought Kate looked fantastic so soon after giving birth and the new princess is so sweet.
    I think exactly the same as you do Hannah,there is so much sad news in the world,why not be happy to see a new baby...
    I would love it if they had the name Diana somewhere in the new princess' name. I also like Alice,Charlotte,Victoria. What names do you like? xxxx

    1. I think the majority are pretty happy with the news Jess, like you and I! I'm wondering if they will put Diana in her name but i would'nt put money on it for some reason, i'm not sure why! I'm hoping for Charlotte personally! xxx

  2. I think the birth of a baby is always something to be celebrated, and I loved seeing George with his daddy, too, very sweet x

    1. I was saying this to my husband, I say congratulations to a few people I don't know on social media a week when they've had babies! Always lovely to do xx

  3. It is fab news! Love how even more excited everyone gets over a royal baby! She looked sickeningly amazing too! x