The Week That Was ~ Week 18

Wow week 18 and already May? I feel we're going at a good pace but still it's scary how the days just zoom by. I really haven't done much this week, or maybe it feels like that because, shock horror, I've had a big fat zero in Costa outings this week! It's more about forming better spending habits than anything else but as I'm trying to be healthier I know that not having Costa with cake two to three times a week is going to help!

I decided on Monday to finish Midges room which, with the help of my mum (after I begged her to come over!) was finished by the end of the day. Midge loves her new room with the stickers and all her belongings now in a safe place or on show. I was really pleased all the hard work paid off!

Healthy breakfasts// New room for Midge// Purple flowers!// Lovely filling dinner// Cornish flag flying on a lovely sunny day

The rest of my week was heavily focused on food because I've been eating healthier I've been cooking decent meals every night. We baked fairy cakes several times this week including some special ones in honour of the new Princess born on Saturday. We watched some live coverage with my mum as we ate dinner and the children really enjoyed it.

The weather took a turn this week, we probably enjoyed three non wet school runs. I had a trip to the library with Little A, he picked out a book on sharks and sat with a friend before choosing a book for his big sister which he actually got spot on. She was over the moon! Other than that I made myself useful with housework, catching up on my pen pal writing and volunteering for trips with the nursery! That should be fun!

A at the library// Grumpy boy with his happy big sister// Letter posting// Patriotic baking// Watching the news// Happy celebrating!

Cupcake Mumma