A New Room for Midge

Since we moved here Little A and Midge have chopped and changed rooms a fair number of times for various reasons. Over the past year though Midge has had her bedroom and slowly but surly it's started to look tired and in need of some TLC. I'm so pleased that finally, at last, I have (with help from my very own (Super) Mum) given my daughter the room she has wanted for so long. 

It wasn't an easy process, the room was supposed to be turning pink but once we started the paint started to change colour on the wall and look patchy. I panicked, I got out the white paint and felt like I had ruined the whole thing. I called in reinforcements (Mother) and soon the whole room was white, a blank canvas waiting to be decorated.

We found Midge's bed for £10 at a market place. It's gorgeous. Her little table mirror was found by Jason, I think he paid a fiver for it which is a total bargain and is such a nice touch for my little girls' room. I really loved the wall stickers I purchased from Store 21. They're so, so pretty and only 99p so  I bought 3 packs plus another pack which included the bird cage.

This desk was in my dining room and was used by everyone, but since Midge has taken an interest in reading and writing and now I have a laptop, I made the decision to move the desk and chair into her room which was a good choice, now all her 'stuff' has a more appropriate 'home.' I'm using the space for her school certificates and she's got some school related posters I can pop up on her wall too, like the times tables.

I picked this owl clock up from Store 21 (everything is from this shop, just so you know!) It was £1.99 and Midge adores it. She's obsessed with learning the time at the moment, we're getting there...slowly. Very slowly..!

Finally, I couldn't not pick up this lovely canvas design to complete her wall. I'm really pleased with how the room now looks. Before it was very tired looking and dull. Now it's brighter and is the room she has been after for quite some time. The whole room was done on a budget too so I'm also pleased with that!

Cupcake Mumma