Quiet Time...A to Z Challenge

Today has been really rather lovely. I had a lay in (a quiet one too as both children were sleeping in, one in her room and the other in my arms.) I made a cooked breakfast and I also made my Husband a sausage sandwich to help his hangover along. It must have worked because he was out painting the front of our house after a shower for 2 hours! He even mowed the lawn and I got to do some blogging and read this fab new book by Caitlin Moran (above) It's a really good book. Not the best I've ever read granted but it's still a good read that I'm kind of reluctant to put down. It's nice to read a book about a teen again, I'm so used to reading books now that are based on much older characters and sometimes it's nice to go back a bit.

I hope your Sundays were as good as mine whether they were just as quiet or much more noisy!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Glad you had a quiet, restful day!

  2. My days all blend into one, I can't even remember what I did Sunday now! (Old age I think). Yours sounds blissful xxx

  3. So glad you had a joyous day. I can definitely say the same, having mowed the lawn and written some fun fiction as well as enjoying several days with my parents from out of town. Thank you for stopping by to visit me at http://darlamsands.blogspot.com/ during this A to Z blog challenge. Best wishes!