Quiet Time...A to Z Challenge

Today has been really rather lovely. I had a lay in (a quiet one too as both children were sleeping in, one in her room and the other in my arms.) I made a cooked breakfast and I also made my Husband a sausage sandwich to help his hangover along. It must have worked because he was out painting the front of our house after a shower for 2 hours! He even mowed the lawn and I got to do some blogging and read this fab new book by Caitlin Moran (above) It's a really good book. Not the best I've ever read granted but it's still a good read that I'm kind of reluctant to put down. It's nice to read a book about a teen again, I'm so used to reading books now that are based on much older characters and sometimes it's nice to go back a bit.

I hope your Sundays were as good as mine whether they were just as quiet or much more noisy!

Cupcake Mumma