Only a Phone... A-Z Challenge

Two days ago I was walking to collect my children from school, slightly weighed down by gift bags as we were heading to my niece and nephews' birthday party soon after. I was about to put my phone back into my pocket after speaking with my husband when it just slipped through my hand and went screen down onto the concrete. I was gutted!

Okay, I know it's just a phone. I'm missing it though and I know that sounds maybe a bit pathetic. I really don't care. I have several friends that I like to keep in touch with because they're both having a tough time at the moment. It's much easier to keep up with each other with texts throughout the day rather than calling once in a while where we're surrounded by bickering toddlers and can't hear a word the other is saying. I'm going to use my skype on the laptop to keep in touch with one but gosh I miss just firing off a text to them and to my Husband!

I also miss my camera on it. My actual cameras have cards that no longer fit into my new laptop. Of course now I've had them both for about 4 years the cables are well, goodness knows where. Yes I'd like to use them but my phone camera is so good and it's so quick and easy to load my photos up that I miss it. I take a lot of photos of my children and what I get up to throughout my day so I'm not embarrassed to say I'm a little lost without it!

I feel I have a good balance in life with my phone. I'm not obsessed, I'm just used to a certain way of doing things. Short cuts if you like. Checking my money on the go, snapping my day, keeping in touch with those closest to me in a quick and easy way when they're away (hubby) going through a tough time or possibly in labour! I write a lot, I love reading, I do 'stuff' with my children but yes, I miss my phone. Here's hoping it's fixed within the week!

Cupcake Mumma