A-Z Challenge: R

R is for Rescue Remedy!

If you've never heard of this stuff and suffer with nerves, anxiety or just bouts of being a bit more worried than usual then I really recommend Rescue Remedy!

I suffer with Social and General Anxiety disorder. I take a low dose of medication but time and time again I come back to Rescue Remedy, especially when it comes to my nerves! It's a herbal remedy with brandy which can taste pretty strong to someone like me who doesn't drink at all!

Rescue Remedy gets dropped in my drink when I go out and am facing an appointment I'm a bit nervous about. If I'm at home and have an out of a blue anxiety attack I'll drop a few drops under my tongue which will help calm me down in 10 minutes or so.

It's horrible living with a very sensitive nervous system and anxiety can just be awfully crippling. I'd always recommend this stuff to anyone. Maybe it doesn't work at all but I'm sure it does!