Siblings in April

It's currently the Easter holidays which hasn't seen us doing very much at all but what it has done is force my two little ones to actually play together throughout the day. Largely it's been a success! There has of course been the bickering and Little A still kicks off if things aren't quite going his way but we try not give in to him all the time because it's not fair on Midge. I think she doesn't particularly mind all the time however because he does makes some noise which we're all grateful to not hear anymore!

We've had some fun moments on the trampoline, digging in the garden, playing with play doh, walking into town and spending a day out with Grandma and Pops.

Yesterday was one of our 'sort of' quiet moments! I was trying to grab a lay in but these two monkeys didn't want to appreciate peace and quiet (do they ever?) and played hide and seek,pulled funny faces,striped off and ran around my room butt naked in little A's case too! I took this photo which I love. They're in the process of hiding under the covers. Midge is typically playing up to the camera!

The other photo I love is the one below of us all on the trampoline. We sat there for a while and I handed them their Easter gift from an Instagram swap I signed up to for them. Both were so excited by their gifts and sweet treats. It was a nice moment because it involved no squabbling over the items, not even once.

dear beautiful

Cupcake Mumma