Catch Up!

It's week 2 of the Easter holidays here in Cornwall and finally some gorgeous weather has been cast upon us. I've started work on our garden which I won't show you a photo of just yet because other than a total mess there's nothing much to see! Lots of mud and digging! I'll be planting some bulbs and herbs and I have a little veggie growing challenge to rise up to (more on that soon!)

We haven't been doing very much at all this holiday but what are holidays for if not relaxing and enjoying the weather, family, time to yourself. We successfully made some homemade play doh which kept all of us entertained for hours (yeah even me!) and baked a few delicious treats for ourselves too. I adore chocolate brownies!

Some beautiful flowers have come out to play in the sun which had lifted my mood. I had my tooth extracted last week so I haven't been in the best place, I'm getting there though! I've been trying to eat better and have made some lovely vegetarian meals like the one below.

Mainly though I've been letting the children run wild and I even caved in to buying the Frozen DVD. I haven't felt much like being on social media so have taken a step back to enjoy my craft swaps.  I've been letter writing occasionally but mainly reading a lot of my books in my 'to read' pile. I've also ordered a needle felting kit because I love felting and want to make it a new hobby.

Right, that's me all caught up. Are you enjoying your holidays? Let me know what you've been up to!

Cupcake Mumma

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  1. I'm dreading the school run tomorrow, the first week we were quite lazy, but have been fairly busy enjoying then sun this week and seeing family. Sounds like you have had a nice time (apart from the tooth extraction)! xx