Mug Swap 2014: The Reveal!

This year was great for my mug swap, thank you to everyone who signed up! There were equal numbers for all but I also paired up with the lovely Cate from Germany for an international swap. As this takes a little longer to travel I will add Cate's mug to this post at a later date.

My partner from the UK was the wonderful Jo who, I must say, has sent me one of the best mugs I have ever, ever seen!

It's a cupcake mug with a lid! I get so into reading or watching a good television programme that my hot chocolate always goes cold which is obviously incredibly annoying. Now my problems are solved! Jo also sent me some hot chocolate sachets and a lovely little cake key ring. I love it when people play on my blog name, I always get the most lovely gifts!

Thank you so much Jo, I really hope you love your mug too!


Here's my gorgeous mug from cate all the way from Germany! Mine seems to be taking forever to get there sadly but fingers crossed!

 Cupcake Mumma


  1. What a lovely parcel. Thanks for organising Hannah x

  2. What a brilliant mug! I love it :)
    Thanks once again for hosting sweet, was great to get involved x

  3. What a clever mug, Hannah! Thank you, once again, for organising the mug swap. I've just blogged about it with photos of the mug I sent to my partner and the mugS I received from her. x