Sleeping Rough for Charity (Julian House)

On Friday 7th 2014 I headed to Bath to meet up and sleep out in Alice Park with my good friend Kat. We were a tad apprehensive as was expected but it seemed, to me at least, as a bit of an adventure. That feeling soon disappeared when we bedded down for the night with a 3 degree temperature and reality sunk in. This wasn't an adventure at all but an experience. One I won't forget.

Our 'roof' photo from Kat Sighs
We slept with some sheeting over us to protect us from the damp and rain (thankfully it didn't rain) I wore 3 jumpers and my waterproof jacket, 3 socks and some pj bottoms under my jeans. We started settling down around half nine just talking and catching up. It was far too early to contemplate sleep knowing it would feel like forever wasn't a comforting thought!

At half past midnight I felt the temperature drop so made myself as comfy and warm as possible in my sleeping bag and nodded off..until 2.30am when I woke feeling an unbelievable cold in my legs. I was shivering, all I could think of was "what do people do in this situation?" Curl up? Fidget? I moved my feet, I rocked side to side but nothing helped. I cheated; took a cosy toe warmer from my foot and placed it between my knees. Instant warmth just to that small part of my body spread. It was wonderful. It was now one degree in temperature, so I'm going to forgive myself.

At 3.30am I woke again but this time with earache. This was probably due to squashing my ear in my sleep against my rucksack (temporary pillow) not that comfortable as you'd imagine but I decided to turn over and pretend it wasn't happening! After this wake up I was on and off until half six when others were also stirring, tidying up and waiting for their thank you bacon sandwiches.

I had a very humbling experience, a real eye opening one at that. I don't really have anymore words, I just have feelings. I will be a better person because of this experience, that's for sure.

Cupcake Mumma

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