Siblings March

I love this photo of A and Midge. It shows how quick they're both growing and it's mad! A is only 3 and I've never noticed how tall he is against his big sister. People have always said my little ones are tall and although I never disagreed I just didn't take a lot of notice! I did today!

This photo was taken as we were walking to the local football pitch to watch Daddy play. Now A is older he's better at holding hands (he had to be because he has a real hate for his buggy!) and what's really nice is that every now and then he'll slip from my hand to grab hold of Midges. They're both very good walking together and Midge is very impressive to watch as she steers A from dog poop, spiky bushes and stops immediately before crossing the road with me.

They're growing so fast, somebody stop them!!

Cupcake Mumma

dear beautiful

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  1. Before reading the comment I was thinking they look like they have shot up. I wish you could press pause sometimes they grow up far too quickly! x