Blogging on The Road

I'm on the M5, on a coach which has replaced my train to Bristol. I'm pleased to say so far I've had zero panic attacks (very difficult to control an oncoming attack but it can be done, feeling very proud at the moment)

I thought id blog about the dislikes of my journey so far. I've only got one more stop before Bath so I'm sure nothing can happen to make it on my list..fingers crossed.

Dislikes of today

I only found out this morning that my route was changed slightly giving me no time to prepare for the journey ahead. These things happen, the floods have wrecked parts of our country. Doesn't mean I have to like the prospect of a crappy coach journey.

The smells. Oh my sweet lord the smells on the train! Two gentleman placed themselves in front of me and I can't say I welcomed the armpit whiff. Same said gentlemen then opened tuna sandwiches. I know it's a free country but please, please, please, no tuna on a train! I adore tuna, really I do but not in a confined space. Finally there was the smell of fresh coffee which almost killed me off. I could've moved but I'm British, why not put up with it and complain (moan) in a blog post instead.

Plymouth was a large pool of busy people waiting to have their tickets checked. Seemingly being 5ft 1" (and a half) means I don't exist to tall older men. His need for the coach was far greater than mine obviously. Fair enough, but almost climbing over me to get there won't help. Probably because I'd bite your ankles..

Finally on the coach (where I'm blogging from!) and I'm not enjoying the coach toilet smells being offered up. I don't think any of us are to be honest.

I may be considering threatening violence on the man in front who won't stop fidgeting in his seat. I am thinking the lady next to me won't mind if I borrow her knitting needles for this purpose..

I was going to finish this with some positive experiences but I have a numb backside and it has come to my attention my melting muffin needs eating.

Cupcake Mumma

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