2014 is About Me, Family and Getting Groovy!

I remember Groovy Mums being set up some time ago by the lovely, inspiring Kate from Kate on Thin Ice. When it was first set up I was new to blogging and I wasn't all that confident so I kept myself to myself as far as sharing anything about myself, my dreams etc were concerned.
I've been blogging over two years now and my confidence has changed a lot as far as writing and sharing things on here goes, so I'd like to share with you how I'd like to see 2014 go. I want 2014 to be about my family and about doing more things for myself.

For myself I want to do more crafting. I'm no crafter, not by a long shot but I have a wedding in July I plan on making a gift for and I love putting together homemade gifts. My favourite was a nappy cake I made my sister in law 2 years ago when she had her daughter- I loved making that!
I've also set myself the challenge to make everyone a card this year instead of lining the pockets of those card factories.

I want to start yoga but this will have to fit in at home as all local classes are in the evening or too far to travel. I'll be investing in a mat and reading up on yoga. I used to do it as a teen so I know I don't need a class. I do need the push though!

Finally the longest and hardest battle is with my social anxiety and excessive blushing, the latter I have no control over and has caused me so much mental hurt. I am attending a Mamas Retreat next month with Pippa from Story of Mum and many other mums too. I'm very excited and I can't wait to see our place for the night but there seem to be many factors that scare me. Will I get on with the others? Will they all be older mums who think I'm a silly younger mum? Will I blush and then make everyone awkward? Will I fart during my yoga session? (OK that's just to make you laugh but it is a possibility, it's intense yoga after all!)

All those things above apply to my fear (but want and need) to return to college. I feel like a prisoner sometimes but everyone who understands is on line and not here. Here, in real life, you get the words of wisdom but they lack experience, knowledge or understanding. I am optimistic for the future though.

I also want 2014 to be more about family. I want to spend time with my nieces and nephews before they no longer find me fun or entertaining. I want to treat the children to some days out. Ice skating at Christmas, a visit to the Eden project, picnics in summer; all sorts!
Family also includes my husband, whom I want to spend more time with. I've booked us a hotel in Plymouth for his birthday treat. Start as you mean to go on and all that!

Finally, a massive focus of mine is Project Kindness. You can see my page here which lists all the things I want to do this year. I start next month by giving blood which petrifies me (needle phobia!) I have a wonderful pen pal who kicked Cancers butt and wouldn't be here if it wasn't for not only the medicine we are so fortunate to have here but also the blood donated by selfless people on a regular basis.
Kindness should be felt and it should be spread! If you want to join me do consider Project Kindness, A Year in Gifts or my upcoming 31 days of kindness in March. The support would be ace.

Here's to 2014 and to all of us making positive changes.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. I think your Project Kindness sounds amazing - what a lovely way to do more for others ;) I think you get out what you put in if u know what I mean! ;) xx Happy New Year to you xx

  2. DO YOGA.... do do do. I touched on it last year, and loved it but then got sidetracked. It is my goal to get deep into it this year. I've been self learning with youtube videos. All the good yogis (Tina Bock is one of them) have youtube tutorials and sessions. :) I want to be able to do the splits this year.

  3. Ooh the retreat sounds lovely. It reads like a good plan for 2014

  4. Hannah banana! You are one of the loveliest and most generous ladies I've ever met. Your kindness oozes from your blog for all to see. How could anyone not like you? You're amazing!! Xxx