Get Creative with Sand Art!*

Just before Christmas we were sent some sand art to review by those lovely people at 
Kids Be Happy
As soon as I opened the packet I had flash backs to my childhood. I'm certain I played with something similar when I was a little girl! The children were really excited by the look of the packet and were eager to start getting creative!

What's in the packet?
2 art cards to decorate with sand
1 small, yellow stick to help you peel back the yellow paper which covers the very sticky cardboard.
A selection of sand colours (10 in all)
Instructions on how to use your sand art
2 plastic sleeves to cover your finished artwork
Hooks to hang your finished artwork

Some Tips

  • Make sure you place paper underneath the art boards to make clearing up the sand easier. Even better would be a tuff spot (something I'll be investing in this year!) or just having a dustpan and brush near by!
  • Keep an eye on that little yellow stick, it disappeared pretty quickly and I used my finger nails to peel off the yellow paper (which was actually easier and quicker for me personally!)

I barely got a chance to prepare our table after I had showed the children the activity they would be doing shortly so there was sand everywhere by the end of our creative session! I moved pretty quickly to peel the the yellow paper off of the board (so would recommend doing this before handing over to your little ones if they are impatient like my two!)

Both children thoroughly enjoyed the sand art. A being younger was very heavy handed with his sand, whereas his sister was obviously a lot more careful and full of concentration.

All our sand was used and not a bit was wasted because Little A impressed me by using the top of the sand tube to collect the (now mixed) sand and pour it over his art work.

Midge has requested sand art for her upcoming birthday and I'm sure Little A would love some more for his birthday too. These sand art packs are great fun for both your child and you! The packs start from as little as £5. You can follow Kids Bee Happy on twitter or Facebook.

Cupcake Mumma

*We were sent one sand art packet for the purpose of this review.

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