My Week That Was Instagrammed 2014 #1

This week we:

Saw the New Year in rather disorganised to be honest! We were watching the London countdown one minute and the next we heard a massive bang. It was so close to our house though and we didn't think it was fireworks as didn't see much else! As soon as we got in the front door we realised it had struck midnight, there was a massive crash of thunder and the heaviest downpour of rain I've ever seen! Little A woke up very soon after and I was miffed because yet again, I had missed the countdown! A stayed up until 2am with Jay and I went to sleep grumpy ha!

I've been letter writing again! The festive period is so busy you begin to see your mail slow down and it's rather rubbish to be honest but totally understandable. I'm pleased that I have recently posted some letters and received a couple too.

We've been to a birthday party for Midges friend. The girls had facials, face paints and their nails painted as well as birthday cake and party food. It was a lovely day.

I've started buying those birthday gifts in for Midges 6th birthday in 2 weeks. The photo above is of her brand new lunchbox. I can't wait until she opens it!

I may have visited the sales...I bought birthday presents, a notebook, a beautiful necklace, some home stuff and a new pair of jeans.

Jason made us fish and chips on Saturday night and I perfected my Yorkshire puddings!!

Finally I've made big plans! I'm going on a Mothers retreat in February, I'm staying with my beautiful friend Kat in March and giving blood in April as part of my Project Kindness- wish me luck I'm needle phobic!

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Cupcake Mumma


  1. So sorry you missed the countdown! It was fairly epic... did you see the fireworks afterwards?

    I love Midge's new lunchbox :)

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI xxx

  2. Yay! So excited to see you at the retreat in February! xx

  3. i watched the fireworks on bbc1, they were amazing and apparently they were scented! the thunder freaked me out a bit as it was so loud!

  4. Fab pictures :-) The fish and chips do look yummy!!!

  5. I'm so glad we get to share our big plans together, my beautiful friend! You're so lovely Han, you really inspire me, d'ya know that?! Squishy hugs xx