Accompanying Year 1 to Trevaskis Farm

Last Friday I put myself forward as a parent helper on the schools trip to a local farm. Despite living here nearly 12 years I have never been to Trevasiks Farm but I can't wait to go back again because it was so much fun. If it was that good for the children when most crops are out of season then I can't wait to see what it's like in the spring and summer.

We started off our trip by having a talk from two farm employees who showed the children a small selection of vegetables. I was really impressed by the children on their veggie knowledge and even when they had to hazard a guess (I did several times: Gourds anyone?) they weren't really silly guesses (some children think potatoes are tomatoes for example) so I was really proud to be a part of the school on this trip!

The classes split up and first up for our group was a guided tour of the farm. We started by keeping the children from going too nuts with the mud and helping those who had fallen victim to a few puddles thanks to their rather deceptive depth! Once that was over we started with the chickens and ducks:

Then we moved on to the poly tunnels holding grapes, strawberries, apples, aubergines,peppers, potatoes and so much more:

Then we explored the apple orchard which got a massive thumbs up from the children:

We saw some sheep, pigs and their piglets and a beautiful pony:

Once we returned it was our turn to line up and wash our hands thoroughly before having a tour of the farm shop and fish counter. The farms' fish monger did a great job showing the children a selection of fish and explaining whereabouts they lived in the sea. He also showed off a lot of sharp teeth and funny eyes (the fishes of course) The children couldn't get enough of it and were disappointed that the talk didn't go on to the butchers section!

We left the farm after having a snack, arriving back at school just in time for lunch. I headed in the opposite direction however, to grab a hot chocolate and a biscuit in the comfort of my own home! I had such a fantastic day with year 1 and all the staff and other helpers who were there too. What a great way to end Autumn term!



  1. It looks like the perfect trip to me! I love field trips! You're a great mum for helping out :)

    1. Thanks Tammy. I really enjoyed myself. x