10 Things to Smile About: October

I'm not sure if it was me looking forward to my birthday and decorating for Halloween or just the way things go but October has really flown by. Here's what I've been smiling about this month:

1. My birthday:
It was such a lovely day full of thoughtful gifts and wonderful family.

2. Sleepovers:
My niece came to stay with Midge for the night in the half term which was good fun. They're always really well behaved, eat popcorn and chill out with me on the sofa before going to bed much later than they would normally.

3. Halloween Party:
This was another wonderful family gathering just like last October. We had so much fun eating tasty food, playing some party games and getting out the face paints!

4. Farm Trips.
I helped out the teachers and parents on an autumn trip to the farm with Midge and the rest of her class. I had a great time on the farm and the children really enjoyed themselves too.

5. Lots of Baking:

Thanks to the Great British bake off I joined in with lots of other bloggers to bake something scrummy every single week. There's more to come from us baking bloggers so do look out!

6. Family Walks:
We have managed to escape a few times from the house. We haven't ever gone far because it has been so horrible on many occasions. I got some nice photos on our walks.

7. Spending time with my Mum and Dad.
I've spent some time with my parents this month. Just a few hours with mum several times really. We caught up on the Bake Off and chatted to my sister too. My dad slept over on my birthday which was nice. We caught up on life in general and his new(ish) job more than anything.

8. I've finally finished my room!
This is a huge reason to smile because it has been on my 'to do' list for ages.

9.Christmas gifts have been bought!
I'm very pleased I can focus on all the little things I have planned now rather than worrying about buying for everyone. Every year there's always an extra person to buy for! I can make my Christmas cards now too which I have wanted to do for so long.

10. Finally, I'm happy to of just had such a pleasant October and I hope November can be just as good. 


  1. Sounds like a lovely family orientated month x

  2. Oh are there pictures of your room? Would love to see it. I think if i was part of a bake-off I would put on 5 lbs for sure as so many yummy things to eat every week :) Love the Halloween costume. Happy belated birthday! October birthdays are the best.
    Thank you so much for linking up

    1. Thanks Emmy :) They sure are the best birthdays ;) Happy belated birthday to you too! Ha! I def gained wait oops! x

  3. Those scones look yummy! Looks like you had a lot of fun last month! Thanks for linking up. X

    1. Haha they're choux buns ;-) Stuffed with runny custard nom! My pleasure will do so again x