Halloween at Our House

We celebrated Halloween slightly early this year with my now-annual kids Halloween party. Saturday saw my two dressed up and excitedly awaiting the arrival of their cousins. I had prepped everything super early (unusual for me!) so I could relax before the impending chaos ensued. I got a hot chocolate and 3 biscuits down before I received a text from my sister in law to say her little ones were on the way!

We had a fun few hours and only one tantrum (from my little miss annoyingly!) First we had a go at 'pin the tail on the witches cat' which was a hit with everyone apart from Midge (because she didn't win) my nephew Z won this first game with his being so very close to the circle! Next up we played pass the parcel with a slightly more calm Midge. Knowing there are layers of chocolate to this game helps me immensely! My niece G won this game (twin power!)

After a couple of games we unveiled the food which didn't last long. They're only tiny but boy, can these children eat. I had a plate of sausage rolls and some Jaffa cakes left over plus crisps from my massive bowl so I was rather impressed to be honest! The winner this year was definitely my pumpkin with hummus dip. What do you think?

Last thing on my Halloween agenda was to face paint. This always goes down well.



Little Z

Even T wanted in on the action so she ran off with my painting sponge!

Calm was restored once half four rolled around and all little people were dispatched safely with their party boxes. All I had to deal with were two little monsters covered in face-paint and on a sugar crash! Here's to next year!



  1. Looks like you had a great time. Love the humous in the pumpkin, great idea! Totally love your fireplace...very retro! I have a thing for old fireplaces xxx

  2. I love the photo of Midge. Very halloweeny. Thanks for linking up to #Halloweenlinky Week 3 is live now.