Reasons To Be Cheerful

This week is going by at a rather lovely and leisurely pace (can you tell it's been a good week so far?) I have a few reasons to be cheerful this week so I shall go ahead and spread my cheer.

1) It's October! It's turning out to be a rather nice (if not wet!) Autumn, Halloween is just around the corner, I can really go for my Christmas prep because it doesn't feel so far away and the main one, naturally, is that I turn 24 on the 29th! Birthday months are the best!

2) As I said this week has been lovely so far. Monday went well, Midge and I had a good walk to school, narrowly escaping the heavy rain. I let her take her scooter and after having a break and perhaps a bit of a growth spurt she is finally zooming around on the thing. I met my Dad for a spontaneous lunch, seen both parents on the same day, got a new desk from my brother so I can have somewhere to study and write to my pen pals and I spent the day with my Mum on Wednesday.

3) As i mentioned above I had a wonderfully spontaneous lunch with my Pop on Tuesday. He very kindly bought me lunch so the next outing is on me! It was so nice just being us two for a while and it was even better that he just happened to be in town after work and thought he'd call me. My lovely Husband suggested I ask him for lunch and I'm so pleased he thought of it. 
I also spent Wednesday evening with my Mum. It was a soup night, yum! Mum listens to Midge read which is very sweet to see and hear. I also get help with bedtime! We caught up on the Bake Off which I record for her and chatted about life, as you do!

Lastly, I have a 'Mummy date' today but more on that later! I've known this Mum since college (I was 17 and a pupil and she was (and still is) the receptionist!) she's since had 2 children and one of them is only 4 months. Broody klaxon!! 

I hope you're all feeling cheery now. Please have a look at my Year in Gifts post from yesterday as an extra bit of cheerfulness. It's actually more important to me because it's about making other people cheerful!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart