A year in Gifts: August and September

Time just seems to fly away at the moment so once again I'm posting two gifts in one post. Unfortunately both items were posted this month as well but you know, can't leave a month out!

First up is my August gift (or what we'll label August's gift to make me feel better) a surprise gift to a pen pal who's a little down at the moment and having a difficult time. I hope she can have a few minutes to herself to relax, write and sneak a few chocolates without her little ones noticing. My gift won't take away the hurt but I hope to fill at least 5 minutes with some comfort.

Septembers gift is to fellow blogger Amy (well actually it was to her little boy who has just undergone an operation.) I have a little boy the same age so I went with play doh, a cuddly toy (brave as a lion came to mind!) some little robot themed extras and some lovely comfy socks. I've since heard that the operation went really well but he's still a little poorly so I keep my fingers crossed he gets better real soon and they all get back their lost sleep!

There's only 3 months left now of my project which seems crazy. I am looking forward to moving on next year with my Project Kindness because it's going to be very different.



  1. The world needs more nice people like you-this is so nice to do something for others :) x

    1. Thank-you Danielle, I like to think there are plenty out there who'd do this and do do it :-) x