When Faced with a Locked Door...

You on the outside and your 2 year old on the inside there's that real heart-in-your-mouth moment where you realise that you would move heaven and earth to get yourself, somehow, back to that beautiful little boy calling 'Mumma' from the inside.

Yeah that's right, Einstein here was doing the environmentally friendly act of placing my recycling in the box outside when I heard the bang that made me freeze, just for a few seconds, before running with outstretched arms to my big, thick, un-kickable from the outside door. So what the hell do I do now? I kept panic somehow under a little control. I banged on my neighbors door: not in. Next door haven't moved in yet...Great. Time to introduce myself to a lucky neighbour!

I had no phone on me but was thankfully dressed. I was however letting the 'ladies' hang loose today and running about in my now very wet socks. All I could think of was my little boy bouncing on the trampoline. If he's hurt I can't get to him! If he's missing me I can't comfort him! I knocked on the door and a very kind lady answered saying she would come round the back with me. Well I legged it like buggery! I haven't been around the back of the house yet as we don't own a car so have had no need. When I got there I saw a bolt. Hurrah! A bolt! Crap! It's locked on the inside too! To say my house is well built with security in mind would be an understatement but hey it's good (unless you're in this situation...)

Eventually I had to climb over the wooden fence (I have a splinter in my foot as evidence) as 'frantic mum' (that's me) was really coming out now. Little A had left the garden before I got around the back so I knew he'd be looking for me. As soon as I was in I bolted to my house calling his name. I found him half way up the attic room stairs (the last room left before he could officially assume I'd packed my bags and gone)

We had some serious snuggles after that ordeal but thankfully all was well. The lady was ever so nice and if she thought I was a twonk she was very good at not showing it! We exchanged names, I apologised and thanked her. Little A was none the wiser and went back to running about with his trains and causing lovely, sweet chaos. As for me? Well, I learnt the following:

1. Housework is bad for you. If I hadn't thought about tidying I would not have been locked out. Simple.

2. Recycling is also bad for you. See aforementioned point.

3. Leave latches off if stupid enough to go out again.

4. I can deal with quite a heart stopping 'situation'

Mostly though I realised that not once did I berate myself for this unfortunate accident. I realised I was a human being, going about my jobs and something unexpected happened. A mistake. But it was okay. I felt awful of course, after all my son was one side and I was another. Anything could have happened but I wasn't prepared to hang around and panic long enough for something to happen. I ran, I climbed and I even contemplated doing myself some serious injury by breaking down the back gate because I am a Mummy and my baby is not with me. And NOTHING was going to stop me getting back into that house.

So, anything interesting happen to you today? Any tales to tell to make me feel better?!