Strawberry Nesquik Cupcakes

Look good don't they? That's because they are of course! I made these a while ago thanks to one of my lovely pen friends and have decided after being asked a few times I shall post the recipe on Cupcake Mumma. These cupcakes are gluten and dairy free but of course you just substitute all of these ingredients for whatever items you'd prefer. There will be no difference in the outcome.

You will need:
110g Doves Farm self raising flour
110g caster sugar
110g dairy free butter (I use vitilite)
2 eggs
Baking powder
Vanilla essence
50g Nesquik milkshake powder

Cream butter and sugar together. Add your eggs ( I recommend one by one) until your mixture is well mixed.
Add your flour, baking powder, vanilla and Nesquik. Give your mixture a good stir before placing small spoonfuls into cupcake cases.
Bake on 180 degrees for about 15/20 minutes (My oven is pretty fast so do keep an eye!)

We've had these cupcakes plain and found they were just as delicious without icing as they are with. You can add the strawberry nesquik to icing sugar but I didn't find that quite as nice after I bought a tub of strawberry icing from the supermarket! (pictured) 



  1. MMMMmmm I must bake these they sound amazing

  2. You haven't given an amount for the Nesquick in the recipe :)

  3. Thank you! Can't believe I missed that out!

    1. That's why I'm not a food blogger. I love baking and cooking but I'd forever be doing that lol

    2. You saved me thank you Kylie!