10 Things to Smile About August

It wasn't until I checked my mail this evening that I realised it was time for another 10 things to smile about with  with Emmy Mom. I can't believe we've sped through August and are now heading into a new school term. Here are 10 good things from August:

1) First off we've moved house! It was totally out of the blue and unplanned. A complete last minute up and go kind of move but it must have been fate, someone sending us in the right direction. We have, I hope, found 'home'.

2) My dad got a new job! This is ace news to me because for years he's been in the same job and now he has returned to his open university studies and completely changed direction going from a gardener at the local air base to a care worker. It really is never too late!

3) Another month another cake. This time a strawberry milkshake flavour cupcake. Seriously light and tasty and it's on the blog tomorrow!

4) Jason had 11 days off work. I love having my hubby around and it was great timing with the sudden move too. We haven't done much because of all the packing and what not but we've enjoyed some family dinners and a film night too.

5)We celebrated our one year anniversary! Jason treated me to a meal out and we watched a film in the evening. I can safely say we enjoyed and appreciated the child free time even if it was only a few hours!

6) I started my New Project and performed my first random act of kindness by asking a local therapy studio to get their followers to nominate a friend who deserves a pampering. I'm going halves with the studio to pay for the winners treatment and it feels good. I can't wait to get back into the swing of things!

7) We picked our first lot of blackberries in ages. The last time I blackberry picked was when I lived in the countryside so this was just ace for me and the children today. We didn't get many but they'll go nicely with some apples to make a crumble.

8) I have officially registered and paid for my new course with the Open University! Ill be doing an access module in arts and literature to prep me for a history degree next year. I hope I do good!

9)I'm now only 2 months from completing my monthly payments with Park so soon ill be getting my love2shop vouchers ready for Christmas! This pleases me because its such a tough time financially, I like knowing I've got something to use instead of cash! I'd just spend that £20 a month if it was in a tin..

10) I finally bought these two candle sticks from the antique store. They were originally £12 but by the time I got there they were knocked to half price! I'm so pleased because I'd had my eye on them for ages and were sure they'd be snapped up! Fate again I tell ya!

If you have lots of reasons to smile this month or just some good things to share, do link up too!



  1. Holy cow this was a really busy month for you!! I hope your new place truly does become your home.
    Those cupcakes sound good! Looking forward to the recipe.

    So awesome for your dad, good he is doing something he will truly enjoy now.

    Thank you so much for linking up

    1. Yeah just a bit busy! You can't talk Em your months are packed! Thanks for stopping by x

  2. Busy month!!

    Those candle sticks are amazing!

    1. Thanks, took me ages to get a hold of them!