Happy Friday!

Well hello there dear readers, I'm sitting down with a lovely cup of hot chocolate after doing an on line grocery shop to round off a packed but wonderful day. I spent literally the whole day just myself, my Mum and my Pop. It was ace.

I have seriously indulged today and I don't regret a single second of it. Why should I? Life is for living after all! We started off the day showing Dad around our new home (which is slowly but surly becoming a proper home for us- hooray!) then we headed to Truro where we browsed M&S (typically I forgot my vouchers again) where Dad bought me this book: (which I highly recommend) it's fab!

We went looking for guitars but came out of the store with a keyboard (don't ask) and then headed to a book store where we discovered a new and very welcoming Costa, so we sat down with our drinks (mine was an ice berry cooler- too good!) before taking a cruise around a large department store I can never spell!

 I bought myself a lovely polka dot bean bag, treated my hubby and babies to some new clothes before heading to Pizza Hut for our last stop. I was crossing all my fingers that Pizza Hut would not disappoint and they didn't. I had the gluten free base with a vegetarian supreme topping- it was lush. I also fully took advantage of the free salad bar which was also delicious and fresh. I didn't need any tea tonight and am still full hours later!

It was so wonderful spending that quality time with my parents. Now my Dad has a new job he's cramming studying with sometimes 60 hour shifts. My Mum works a lot too so it's important to see them together collectively as well as on my own. We talked about work, about my new house, about the future and just general chit chat. It was lovely. I even bought my hubby a pizza home for his pre shift dinner..Awww

I hope you all had a lovely day too.



  1. Looks like you had a great day Hannah! I love spending time with my folks. I realise now how much I miss them. It's really special to have time without the kids too. That pizza looks MASSIVE! Did you scoff it all or share?! xxxx

    1. It was ace Kat, so much fun just the 3 of us. Share? What do you think? ;-) Thanks for popping by xxxx