It'll be Quiet Around Here...

Cupcake Towers are in the process of moving so this here blog is going to be a little quiet for a while! We're all really excited to move out of our small but cosy house into a nice, spacious new house. This is a new and fresh start for us as a family and we're really looking forward to it! 

The new house is so much bigger. The front room is a decent size and is going to look great at Christmas. We have an actual dining area which will also be a great space for Midge and A to play. This home will be a 'free flow' home. I've really missed the ability to just let my children have run of the house and garden. My back door can be open virtually all the time with Midge and A choosing what they wish to do and when. I'm really looking forward to this as I know we all feel better when we feel we have some freedom.

Midge and Little A will finally have their own bedrooms which I can't wait to decorate. Jason and I have an attic bedroom which is going to be so cosy and warm. Can you tell how excited I am!! We've met one of our neighbours and he is lovely, the other neighbours aren't moving in for a while because the house isn't ready until September. Fingers crossed for nice neighbours!!

Anyway, I look forward to catching up with blogs and comments when my Internet is back and my house is unpacked. Look after yourselves!!