Catch Up Time

Well haven't I been a relaxed blogger? I haven't actually, I've been very tired and grumpy if truth be told. I have absolutely no guilt when I say I'm looking forward to September the 5th! I love my Little Two with everything I have but any more bickering and I think you'll have to bust me out of a locked room because I shall not be coming out voluntarily! 

Anyway, as you know I like to keep this blog fairly free from negativity so lets not dwell on the fighting children. Instead, I shall share some good things that have happened this past week: First, we stayed the night at Grandma's and Pop's place for a mini holiday. They live by the sea so this def counts as a holiday! We planned to stay 2 nights but I had such an awful sleep with Little A that I only just pulled through the day after without jumping on a bus home! 

Little A enjoying the park at Grandma's house

I've been really into my letter writing at the moment and I have some wonderful letters slipping through my letter box. I'm pretty lucky that I deal with everything online so if I don't get a letter from a pen pal then I don't get mail at all...That sucks though right!? I've started Postcrossing again too and have received postcards from this here beautiful country, Germany, Russia and Poland. My postcard tin is filling up wonderfully. We've also been baking cakes and the one below is made with strawberry Nesquik. Give me a shout if you want the recipe on the blog!

I passed my Indian Head Massage! The whole thing feels a bit weird, as if I'm not really qualified but I am so please form an orderly que (and no pushing!) My Aunt was my model and I'm pleased to say she was happy being the guinea pig. My tutor was debatable..but nice enough. I celebrated my success by visiting Archie Browns in Penzance for some Booja Booja ice cream! I don't think any more will come of  my massage though, my nearest college doesn't offer the course I need and in all honesty, my social anxiety just really doesn't allow me to go back to that setting. I hate college. That's a post for a different time. I'm studying with The OU so it's not over yet...

We're moving house! At the beginning of September we'll be lugging some boxes a short 15 minutes away and settling into a bigger and more spacious house. Everyone seems to be moving and/or having babies at the moment, lets hope the latter doesn't happen anytime soon!!

Finally, I'll leave you with some cake. Because it's my Mum's birthday today and she got spoilt for choice with cake. A vegan chocolate cake and my Messy meringue and Lemon cake. Both were delightful and rounded off a picky tea just perfectly. I've already given my Mum some breakfast in bed (yes we braved another night, it wasn't too bad this time, plus Hubby was here) and my Sister and I are cooking a roast for this afternoon.

I hope you're all good. Look out for some more posts this week, one in particular is a new project I'm working on all about Random Acts of Kindess. Have a great Monday all.



  1. I hope the move goes well lovely!

    I am on weight watchers at the mo, so reading this post was very difficult mmmmmCAKE!

    However, I think the strawberry nesquik cakes sound interesting so would love it if you shared the recipe.


    1. Thanks Claire! I'd love to blog the cupcakes, they're very simple! Sorry to taunt you with cake oops! Don't deprive yourself though! haha x

  2. babes im on the countdown to school don't worry you're not alone! Good luck with the house move :) the cake looks amazing! send some my way xxx

    1. Thank goodness i'm not alone! I will indeed asap haha! xxx