Spiders, Snakes and Sod That!

I had the tickets stashed for 3 weeks and Midge counting down the days, everyday, until it was time to see Mark's Ark at the local library. At 9.30am sharp Midge answered the door and in rushed her 3 cousins equally excited. I'd thought long and hard about going to this mini showing of reptiles and spiders but finally decided it would be nice for Hubby to spend some time with the children (read, there was no way I was going anywhere near hairy, disgusting spiders!)

I waited for them all to come tumbling through the door and 2 hours later that's just what they did. O came in saying how he had held the snake and the big lizard and showed me a peice of reptile skin he'd managed to keep (shudder) I popped it in an envolope to avoid any further excited waving of it in my kitchen. Midge ran in excitedly shouting about how she'd held a spider....

 I was actually really proud of her when Hubby showed me this photo. I can't believe the little girl who drove me nuts on holiday moaning about spiders and webs actually held a hairy 18 year old tarantula. Little Z held one too. I don't know why that surprises me but he comes across as a little boy who would rather not be near one of them! I love it when they surprise me!

Hubby got this fantastic photo of Midge and Little G holding the snake together:

Finally, here's Little G holding the 'big lizard' to quote Midge. 

They had an excellent time and I think it's brilliant that our local library hosted such a fab event for only £1 a ticket when other places are selling at £4 a ticket. I'd encourage anyone to check out their local library over the summer holidays, just in case there are some boredom busters there! 



  1. Lovely pictures, it's great and very important to allow them interacting with animals :)

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  2. Love the snake photo. I like that little ones have no fear x

    1. It amazes me and such a shame when they pick up on ours! x