Here's How I Would Spend 20K

The National Lottery and BritMum's have teamed up and challenged bloggers to blog about how they would spend 20K if they were lucky enough to win.

#Spend20K challenge badge with National Lottery

So, I've been giving this some serious thought (as you do) and I've decided I'm going to go in the sensible(ish) direction with this blowing 20K business.

First I'd be donating some of this money to a local children's hospital. I'm sure some would read that, roll their eyes and think 'yeah right!'  But it's true. You should always try to help others and I think any charity these days could use all the help they can get.

Secondly, I'd pay for hubby to do his theory and driving test. We'd have so much more freedom if one of us could drive (and as I have a fear of driving it won't be me anytime soon!) after he passes I'd buy one of these:

Pre-loved of course. We both share the Camper Van dream, so this would be a must for us! With anything left over we'd do some shopping as standard and chuck the rest in the savings.

As a matter of interest, I asked the Hubby what he would do with the same amount of money. He suggested putting a deposit down on a house. All very sensible, but I think I'll stick with my ideas (obviously)


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  1. Got to love a camper van! Used to live in one but that is another story! I need to learn to drive too. Highly approve of helping a charity as you #Spend20K. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

    1. Thanks Kate, i'm always worried people wouldn't believe me but I would totally like to donate some money.

  2. Never leave a man to do the shopping! I'd end up with a very large shed and several bikes and trikes that needs fixing (but were a bargain, of course!) x